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Re: How are folks using the PREEMPT option in the 2.6 kernel?

I noticed that you were involved in this thread so I
won't quote from there:


I have turned it on to play with.... and although I
have been told it "slows" the system, to me -- the
user experience (desktop) seems to be slightly better
(I have not done timing comparisons -- so it is only
an "observation" without reference)

It may slow the system, and would be worthless to a
server, I do think there is some usefulness for
desktop type environments -- sound - mouse.  

I also read a review of the upcoming fedora core 2 in
a "trade magazine" (I am not going to try and find
it).... one of there main complaints was the
disappointment of it being switched off on the stock
kernel (non-developer type installations).  

I have had no problems with it.

--- "Williams Jr, Ernest L." <ernesto ornl gov> wrote:
> Are the kernel developers working on the preemptive
> kernel in 2.6?
> Initially the preempt patch was heavily advertised
> as one of the new enhancements for 
> the 2.6 kernel.
> What is the current status?  I am not able to find
> any information about this.
> Could someone please summarize the issues and plans
> for the preempt patch
> for Fedora?
> Thanks,
> Ernesto
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