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reboot fc2t3 vs clean unmounts

Greetings all;

I gave my set of fc2t3 disks to a friend, and we are both observing 
the same problem in rebooting as we finetune our kernels for our 
machines with new compiles.

I think it happens more often when we type reboot to an x terminal 
than it does without x running, but the symptoms are:

Very occasionally the full shutdown will proceed, but the reboot seems 
to require a tap on the reset key before post restarts.

More often, maybe 1 or of 4 or 5 times, it will come up and do an fsck 
on the / partition, claiming it was unmounted uncleanly, like we had 
power cycled it.  It will go thru the fsck, then drop us to a shell 
claiming it cannot fix it, and there are often messages about zero 
time dlinks and such as fsck runs.  But when we ctrl-d, that reboot 
is then 100% normal.

memtest86+ has been run for about half a day on my machine, and about 
2 days on my friends machine, no errors reported.

It appears as if the unmount at reboot time isn't doing a very good 
god of flushing the buffers to the media first, or at least thats the 
impression I'm getting.

Is this a known characteristic of fc2t3?

Cheers, Gene
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