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Re: FC2 release schedule

> There may be reasons why this is not a good idea that are beyond my
> understanding...many things are...but I wonder if it might not be a
> reasonable idea to start the bittorrent sometime after the ISOs are
> released to the mirrors but before the official announcement.  The
> idea
> is, of course, to encourage all us eager beavers out here to use the
> torrent whenever possible and thereby reduce the load on the mirrors
> when the ISOs hit.

The counter argument for this - is for those of you with local
internal-only mirrors, the bittorrent is a waste of bandwidth.

> I suppose there are fairness issues here in that some people cannot,
> for
> whatever reason, use bittorrent, but if some sizable percentage of
> people who might otherwise not do so but will when offered sufficient
> incentive, those forced to wait will at least benefit from the lower
> mirror load when they do open...and those who do use the torrent will
> have the advantage of the possibly increased number of participants.
> To
> this simple mind, it seems like a win-win situation if such a thing
> were
> possible.

I suggested this and it was fairly strenuously opposed by some folks on
the mirror list. I don't understand them either, but oh well.

> Of course, this presumes the the folks at Duke can get the ISOs with
> enough time before the official announcement to make the effort
> worthwhile.

We normally get them in plenty of time.

I think the torrent links should be at the top of the release
announcement, before the mirrors list.


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