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Rehash of slow Network (Re: ipv6)

Sorry to rehash and old issue, but as more people delve into this FC2 thing, I thought it might be worth noting ...

If you are experiencing SLOW network access, it could be due to the fact that you are running IPv6. An easy way to disable this is to modify /etc/modprobe.conf to include the following line:

alias net-pf-10 off

You will need to reboot, but it solved the problem for me. I have Comcast cable Internet, and prior to upgrade, I was seeing > 3Mb/s download rates. After the upgrade, I was seeing around 1.2Mb/s download rates. Obviously, this was unacceptable. I dug a little deeper and found earlier problems with IPv6. Turns out IPv6 was enabled in my configuration and the added line to the modprobe.conf file fixed my network speed issues.

I'm not sure what this really means Re: IPv4 vs IPv6. However, by disabling IPv6, I was able to get back to what I expected to be the true bandwidth.

Hopefully this note will help othere who may experience the same problems.


Doug Brott

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