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Multiple issues after lastest yum update...

Multiple problems occurred after the update via yum update.

Sendmail is now taking at least two minutes to load (actually counted
the seconds out loud)

smclient is taking at least 30 seconds to load.

Sound is now defunct even though the card is detected, and everything is
non-muted, and all.  You can hear nothing off this system now, even
though it worked from initial Fedora Core 2 Test 3 clean install.  I
suspect esound or alsa sound driver issues.

I would suggest lifting the devel freeze, since it's apparent that we
still need some work on this release.  Everything seems to be getting
broken after the latest yum update.

Finally.. what happened to the Desktop Switching Tool?  I am an avid
user of KDE, and have yet to find any other way to change to it, for at
least a session, from the login screen.

Just my two cents...


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