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Re: Call for Yum Frontend

On Sat, 2004-05-08 at 12:09 -0500, Jason Knight wrote:
> Yum is such a great package management program (very well designed 
> except maybe for having to get all the headers) and stable, yet for some 
> reason we expect the average home user to bust out his/her x-term and 
> learn the in's and out's of yum CLI usage? (not to mention config file 
> management ). Sure you might say, there is apt and synaptic, a 
> wonderfully userfriendly combination but again: these would require the 
> usage of yum and text line repo management to install on any stock 
> fedora system.

Thanks for the kind words.

look on the fedora-config-list and you can see some of that discussion

I've been rewriting considerable portions of yum with this in mind.

it takes time, b/c I'm trying to keep from making a bunch of the same
mistakes and getting rid of the 'download all the headers' requirement
that everyone seems to hate.


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