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Re: No Sound in FC2 Test 3

Bruce P. Morin wrote:
Good Afternoon,

I have just performed a clean install of FC2 Test 3 and to my dismay there
is no sound. I have a Yamaha DS-XG board which the sound detection program
"system-config-soundcard" identifies and can play the test sound without any

From there I have enabled the sound in "Preferences" but it doesn't work.
Using the same applet I go to sound events and select one, and then I hit
the play button, but no joy. That is until I sign out, the sign out sounds
work. So if I select the "shut down" radio button, I get the sound
associated with that action and then I get the log out sound, but with
anything else I get zip.

Sound worked under test 2 and FC1. Can anyone shed some light on this?

Thanks in advance!

This is a known bug which has been discussed on the list and is in bugzilla. Look in the archives under gnome system sounds or some variant to read the posts.

Doesn't work yet in a fully updated system that seems to be FC2 or very close to it.

Gerry Tool

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