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KDE app icon issues & KMail crashing

I've noticed a number of bugs related to the KDE desktop and KDE apps in
Gnome.  Some are very basic bugs.

1) When in a Gnome desktop, I'm noticing in apps like Konqueror and
Kopete that basic menu icons don't appear.  I have to hover over them
for dialog to pop up to establish what they are.  It makes the apps
essentially unusable.  

Are others seeing this?  The various updates over the past days since
Test 3 release have not resolved this.  

2) KMail also still gives a Signal 11 and crashes on start-up, which has
forced me over to Evolution.

3) If I start in to the KDE desktop, the up2date icon is not transparent
and, so it doesn't blend in to a KDE transparent panel. I've filed this
in bugzilla and gotten a response from redhat, but I'm noting it here to
underscore a pattern.

Is this Redhat's way of forcing us over to Gnome and its apps? ;)  With
a general release so close at hand, are KDE issues being given any


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