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Re: 1. Re: Release Name and Democracy? (Dusty Bradshaw)

On Sat, 2004-05-08 at 21:37, d_bradsh bellsouth net wrote:

> I know this isnt debian. Im not saying that it is, or that i want to emulate anything they are doing. I guess i didnt clearly state that the leadership of fedora would retain control. In essence they would just let us have a little say in a complex web of constol/power structure that is already in place.  How can community input be a bad precedent when the final say is up to redhat? How can community expression be bad when the community *Has to know that the project leaders are in control?  Also, I said the voting thing was just an idea. You dont accomplish anything by belittling someone who has a different opinion than you. The name voting, may be silly, and it may be cute, but it also is the right thing to do as community outreach. If it isnt, then just dont do it,. Dont attack me. 

First off, please check your word wrapping as yours seems to go on
forever (maybe change to 72-76 or something).

Second, the current releases, even test releases are called Fedora. 
Didn't know there was a release name besides that?

Mike Chambers
Madisonville, KY

"It's only funny until someone gets hurt...Then it's hilarious!"

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