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Re: eth0 problems at boot time !!!

George wrote:
i ve just installed(upgrate from fc1 ) fc2 test3 relleased and i have the following problem .

My eth0 was configured as well , but during initialization i received the following message

" Determinign IP information for ...eth0 ... failed . No link presented , Check cable ?
thats all
and of course i can't connect to my lan and to the internet as you imagined ...
the worst is that i cant even configure my card manualy , i took the same message ....
Please help.

This might sound like a silly solution. When I was checking out the 2.5 kernels on one of my computers, kudzu would recognize my cards differently between 2.4 and the then 2.5 kernel versions. When kudzu would ask to remove my ethernet driver configuration, I would say no.
It then wanted to add another network card driver for the 2.6 ish kernel.

The driver selection that was correct for the 2.4 kernel was correct and worked for the 2.6ish kernel also. The new kudzu selection that was picked with the 2.6 kernel didn't work.

Anyway, try installing a 2.4 kernel with the options below. Let kudzu configure the new drivr for the nic. Then Reboot into the 2.6 kernel and see if your NIC works.

To install the 2.4 kernel, you have to download the rpm. Then run the below lines to install an "older" version kernel.

rpm -ivh kernel-2.4-whatever.rpm --oldpackage

This may not work for you. It did for my computer setup though.

For the check cable problem. I have had that problem back when "Fedora Core 1 beta1" first came out. My NIC was an older 3com vortex boomerang card. I dumped the NIC and filed several bug reports. It might still be broken for these NICs.


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