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Re: Call for Yum Frontend

hi Seth,
i don't think it's so much that users 'hate' the header download
portion, it's more about it being an inconvenience for those of us with
slow connections.

i have been using the freshrpms apt repository for FC1, and i am so
delighted how fast and little bandwidth apt-get update takes.  

many of us in Russia are still using dialup, so there are times when it
will take me many sessions to complete one upgrade.  apt-get supports
broken downloads (it resumes).   so far, i haven't been able to find
this feature in YUM.

for myself and countless others, getting YUM to not download the huge
header requirement and to allow for resuming downloads would make all
the difference.


Ron McKown

On Sat, 2004-05-08 at 21:55, seth vidal wrote:
> On Sat, 2004-05-08 at 12:09 -0500, Jason Knight wrote:
> > Yum is such a great package management program (very well designed 
> > except maybe for having to get all the headers) and stable, yet for some 
> > reason we expect the average home user to bust out his/her x-term and 
> > learn the in's and out's of yum CLI usage? (not to mention config file 
> > management ). Sure you might say, there is apt and synaptic, a 
> > wonderfully userfriendly combination but again: these would require the 
> > usage of yum and text line repo management to install on any stock 
> > fedora system.
> Thanks for the kind words.
> look on the fedora-config-list and you can see some of that discussion
> there.
> I've been rewriting considerable portions of yum with this in mind.
> it takes time, b/c I'm trying to keep from making a bunch of the same
> mistakes and getting rid of the 'download all the headers' requirement
> that everyone seems to hate.
> -sv

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