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Re: ati9600 & wide-screen notebooks (Alessandro Torrisi)

On Thu, 2004-05-06 at 22:41, Alessandro Torrisi wrote:
> Hi! I've got the same problem with an ATI RADEON 9000 Mobility + MONITOR LCD
> 1280x800 WideScreen (Packard Bell AMD64 3000Mhz M3) !!! 
> The problem seems to be common, not only with Fedora but with all
> distributions!!! For example I tried to install Gentoo and also with that
> there is the same problem...

I don't have this problem *anymore*. (eMachines M6807, 3000+ AMD64)
system-config-display works because it doesn't specify any horizontal or
vertical refresh rates (it has no xorg.conf at that time). Choose the
'radeon' driver, and 1024x768, then exit. Hand edit the resulting
xorg.conf, and comment out the refresh rates, then add the max
resolution of your display (Mine is 1280x800, works fine). I do hope the
system-config-display tool gets fixed soon, however.

> Trying to use ATI DRIVERS (kernel ones) it outputs on the second PORT of the
> ATI Device and if I send a CTRL-ALT-BACKSPACE to kill X a BLANK SCREEN is
> the only thing I can see and I have to REBOOT the notebook !!!

Ummm. Where did you get 64-bit ATI drivers? Even non-functional ones
would be a good sign to me. 

Chris Kloiber

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