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Re: 3 q's if I can recall them

On Sat, May 08, 2004 at 08:37:40PM -0400, Gene Heskett wrote:
> 1. I don't think I'm running the right video driver on that shop box, 
> a 233mhz P2, whose logon says its a Diamond SpeedStar Viper 330 with 
> 4 megs of ram.  But linux almost makes the rage128 driver work?  Who 
> knows what is the right driver for that old video card?

Diamond varied by card. They used parts from pretty much all the vendors.
Your best bet is to look for the video card in "lspci". 

> 2. I've added a couple of ISA bussed parallel port cards intended for 
> machine controls to it, but they aren't found by isapnp.

Normally 0x378, 0x278 and 0x3bc, but if they are jumped you may have
to find the documentation or just try random ports 8(

> 3. The bios says the keyboard and a PS2 mouse are found and 
> configured.  When gpm starts, it says no mouse was detected, and I've 
> no mouse on the console, but it works just fine in X.  I'd like to 

Known bug, and filed. GPM wasnt being set up for the move to /dev/input/mice

 "He's been overclocked. All that beer you see him drinking ? - Coolant."
				- Adam Thornton

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