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Re: Call for Yum Frontend

seth vidal wrote:

Thanks for the kind words.

No problem :)

look on the fedora-config-list and you can see some of that discussion

I've been rewriting considerable portions of yum with this in mind.

it takes time, b/c I'm trying to keep from making a bunch of the same
mistakes and getting rid of the 'download all the headers' requirement
that everyone seems to hate.


Now that I am subscribed to the Fedora Config list I see that there isn't much traffic so can you summarize for us what has and has not been done? Also what we can do to help you?

shrek-m wrote:

absolutely correct,
we are missing since a very long time a true gui *package management tool*
which gives us all the possibilities from
rpm, (rpmbuild), up2date, yum, apt, ...

- add/remove new rhn-sources: yum, apt, dir, ...
- install/update/freshen/remove single/multiple packages via ftp, http, dir, ...
- list/search installed/not-installed packages
- ...

i could not find these improvements.
afair in system-config-packages fc2t1 were some new features,
but it seems the these were removed

So are the redhat devs still working on this or should we (the users) take it upon ourselves to start a project on sourceforge?

Jason Knight
Fedora Core 2 Test 3 *x86_64*

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