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Re: redhat-email.png icon under non-Bluecurve theme?

It's linked to the same place for me... With FC2 Test 1, (which was using Evolution 1.5.x), this link was broken (as it explicitly links to the 1.4 version), and as such, threw up an error message every time I tried to change themes. Fedora has since reverted to the 1.4 version, so it fixes this bug, but uninstalling evolution will cause the problems you see. I guess the powers that be just assume you/we will just use the default email client... Heaven forbid you want to switch to Thunderbird at the expense of Evolution... <sigh>

-Sean :)

On May 9, 2004, at 1:50 AM, Vibol Hou wrote:

Can you guys tell me what the following file for you is linked to?


Mine is linked to /usr/share/evolution/1.4/glade/evolution.png even though I don't have Evolution installed (I uninstalled it).

I'm curious to know if this is a bug since uninstalling an application shouldn't remove a system icon. I don't see any other references to *email* files other than those found in the Bluecurve themes.


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