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Re: YAST and YUM Front-end

On Sunday 09 May 2004 17:40, Rory Gleeson wrote:
> I have three words for Red Hat:
> "Embrace and Extend"
> But seriously, the company that gets the Package Manager right will get
> the customers.  Mandrake has tried but hasn't quite made it, although
> they've done a decent job. Their manager is just split in to too many
> different drakes now.  They need to go back, simplify and bring them all
> together, as posters here are suggesting needs to be done with a Yum
> front-end that accomplishes all tasks.
> YAST works but Fedora appears to have many other strengths in hardware
> and network recognition, easy kernel upgrades (MDK has missed the boat
> on that one) and that sweet little up2date panel icon.  So, I prefer
> Fedora.  It's also more open than SuSE, which is important.
> While it may take a bit of humility for Red Hat to consider the idea of
> adopting YAST, there's nothing wrong with incorporating YAST in to Red
> Hat products, or **at least experimenting with the idea by incorporating
> it in to Fedora Core 3**.  Now that YAST is GPL, a lot of start-up
> distros will quickly embrace it and I think it could easily and quickly
> become a standard.
> There's are nothing wrong with open source standards.  Beats forking.
> And vendors would love it. The community needs to get behind vanilla
> kernels (as Fedora is doing), standard RPM's and stop forcing developers
> to modify their software for different distros.  Silly and
> short-sighted.  Make it easy for software manufacturers to build one
> program with one installation method that works on all flavours of Linux
> and Billy Gates problems continue to mount.  YAST may be that solution.
> If nothing else, Fedora would shock the bloody hell out of the Linux
> community and Novell with that little announcment.  ;)

My guess is RH is already working on a YAST type system management solution.  
Currently, RH and Fedora are a "system management" nightmare.  SUSE already 
has a head start on RH with YAST.  Actually, Novell has all the pieces for a 
complete Server to Desktop (with maintanance)  solution.  Novell's only work 
left is integration and marketing.  Plus you have IBM and HP behind 
Novell/SUSE.  Red Hat suddenly realized that the Desktop cannot be thrown 
out, it must be a bullet item on the sales document, even on server side 
sales (I guess Workstation wasn't a desktop?).  Even though RH has announced 
a Corporate Desktop, its still far from a real, seamless, manageable desktop 
as compared to SUSE.


YUM does not qualify as management.  Yum is just a software update similar to 
"Windows Update" button in Internet Explorer.


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