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Re: Sandisk reader problems... Same symptom as firewire?

Jim Cornette wrote:

In reference to the previous message regarding lockup at checking hardware and enabling swap errors. I have the same problem with the sandisk reader that went bad. The reader failed at the same time I was trying to hotplug the scanner from earlier postings.

With a (CF) card in the reader, it will lockup at checking hardware. If you disable kudzu, you can get the computer to boot into a normal state, even with the card reader messed up.
I'm not sure if this lockup state is similar to firewire or not. This computer does not have firewire ports.

just out of curiosity... have you tried other CF cards? I had a similar problem before and trying a different card showed the reader was fine.. just a screwed up card..


(P.S) sorry if this has already been suggested.. am just catching up on emails while apt has a dicky-fit.. lol

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