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Re: what is the status of cpuspeed/cpufreq in FC2

On Mon, May 10, 2004 at 12:55:13PM +0100, Andy Green wrote:

> On Monday 10 May 2004 11:57, Alexander Volovics wrote:
> > chkconfig --list shows 'cpuspeed' running.
> > But I do not get the impression that it is working.
> > In februari 2004 there was a thread in fedora-testlist with
> > respect to 'cpuspeed' because of the syslog boot error message.
> > Then some user configuration was needed to get things working.
> > Furthermore the documentaion in the kernel-source directories,
> > i.e. Documentation/cpu-freq hardly seems to be related to 'cpuspeed'.

> There is a kernel module you have to bring in before it will work... for me it 
> was p4-clockmod.  Like you I went to the archives and found mainly posts from 
> people saying to look in the archives.... how much better it is for future 
> generations to answer the question and then say they should have looked in 
> the archive.  What I did in the end was go looking in /lib/modules for likely 
> looking modules and modprobed them one by one until something good happened.
> However  - on my Inspiron 5150, I found it all pretty useless.  Although it 
> would idle to CPU down to 300MHz, and indeeed everything was correspondingly 
> sluggish, this had no effect whatsoever on the (loud and intrusive) fan 
> activity.  So I assume much of the heat is coming from the video card / SDRAM 
> and is constant no matter what the CPU rate.  I turned it back on to 
> "Performance" and forgot about it.

Thanks for the reply.

I had already looked in /lib/modules and found the following possibly
relevant modules:
acpi.ko, p4-clockmod.ko, powernow-k6.ko, speedstep-smi.ko

Indeed p4-clockmod.ko at face value seems to be the best bet for my
Inspiron 8200 too. But I do not like trying things out if I can't find
any solid documentation describing the workings.

Furthermore there is also a module cpufreq-powersave.ko. 
What is this one supposed to do and in what context?

The only documentation to be found is in the kernels-source directory
with regard to cpufreq. This, with talk about 'governors' and things
like that, does not seem to be relevant anymore and none of the above
modules is mentioned.

If this is supposed to work on some pcs/laptops I hope it at least gets
a mention in the release-notes when FC2 comes out!

ACPI also comes without any relevant documentation. Is this for the
initiated only? You have to hunt all over the net for some docs and
none describe in any detail how you can manipulate and use it.


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