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Re: what is the status of cpuspeed/cpufreq in FC2

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On Monday 10 May 2004 13:54, Alexander Volovics wrote:

> ACPI also comes without any relevant documentation. Is this for the
> initiated only? You have to hunt all over the net for some docs and
> none describe in any detail how you can manipulate and use it.

It can get frustrating.  The people who work on it know all the kinks, it can 
be a big effort to capture that working set of knowledge on a particular 
subject and write in down in a readable way.

Here's an idea, maybe Redhat (or Fedoranews, who already has a great tips 
section) or some other stakeholder should have a page of docs and stuff that 
is needed, people can register and 'lock' a subject for a couple of days, by 
which time they have to have submitted and had approved documentation for 
whatever it was they were interested in.  Then they get a credit on the docs 
and the stuff is added to the official pile.  Otherwise the subject comes 
back up again.

Even if nobody bid on the docs, at least there would be a public site tracking 
what was lacking.  Anything that shows up on the mailing list twice, 
especially anything replied to with "search the list archives" should 
probably get added.

MySQL has a nice system too, eg


It is like a wiki without being uncool.  It would be even better if an editor 
reviewed the comments occasionally and incorporated the good ones into the 
text (with credit), deleting those comments.

- -Andy

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