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Alsa mute after update (on all kernels)

last night i update kernel with apt from *353 to *356
and after reboot arts tell me that it cannot open
audio device (no such device).
Im go to check permission of /dev/dsp ... (pcm.hw:0,0
...) and i set to 777;
audio mute.
I launch kcontrol and look for audio setting all
ok,audio mute,
change device from autodet. to pcm.hw:0,0 and apply,
audio works ok.
After reboot arts tell me again no such device, i come
back to kcontrol
and i enable "Full Duplex", apply audio works ok still
i reboot, after
recousivly arts error...
when i make any change on audio i kcontrol thi is the

server status: running, will suspend in 82 s
real-time status: real-time
server buffer time: 92.8798 ms
buffer size multiplier: 1
minimum stream buffer time: 92.8798 ms
auto suspend time: 95 s
audio method: alsa
sampling rate: 44100
channels: 2
sample size: 16 bits
duplex: full
device: default
fragments: 4
fragment size: 4096
and audio works ok still i reboot
System: Dell inspiron 8500
        Audio card
          Vendor: Intel Corporation
          Model:  82801DB (ICH4) AC'97
          Modules snd-intel8x0

Have somebody an idea to fix this?

many thanks

Sorry for my english,this is not my mother language
kim allamandola


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