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RE: Looking for opinions...

On Sunday, May 09, 2004 5:57 PM, Neil B. Cohen Wrote:

> Does anyone have any comments on whether a combination
> printer/scanner/copier is a good or bad idea in the first place?
> I stick with separate devices? One way or another, I need to get a
> working printer on my machine - if I get a standalone scanner then
> just have to make the Epson work...

I bought an HP all-in-one because it appeared that I could get it
in Linux, but when I started trying to connect it, it started getting
and I was in a big hurry so when I found out that it would do faxing and

stuff stand alone I just started using it that way.  Then of course
the great procrastinator that I am, it is still sitting there

But what I wanted to comment on is that the scanner part is less useful
than a flatbed scanner.  There has been several times that I have had
to fire up the flatbed scanner to scan odd sized documents.  And then
trying to scan something out of a book or magazine is more difficult on 
the all-in-one too.


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