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Nautilus + TIF file = memory insanity

I have several TIF image files that were sent to me from a client.  I
think they were produced with AutoCAD.  They are viewable on Windows, and
from the GIMP.

When I open any Nautilus folder that contains one of these TIF files,
Nautilus immediately eats all of my system RAM and keeps growing and
growing until I can kill it, which is difficult because the system is
swapping like mad.

This is reproducible every time I open a folder with these TIFs.  No other
folders exhibit this problem.

I tried opening the files from the command line using Eye of Gnome, and
the same behavior ensued -- swapping and eating all my RAM.

Could this be related to thumbnail/preview generation?
It is a serious showstopper (for me anyway) since it renders the system
useless until I can kill Nautilus, every time I even browse to a folder
containing these files.

This is on FC2 Test 3 + all latest up2dates as of today, on a stock Dell
P4 desktop system.

I've uploaded a sample TIF image to
if anyone wants to try and reproduce on their own systems.  Keep a
cmdwindow open so you can killall nautilus!


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