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Re: Nautilus + TIF file = memory insanity

Am Montag 10 Mai 2004 23:03 schrieb Billy Charlton:
> I tried opening the files from the command line using Eye of Gnome, and
> the same behavior ensued -- swapping and eating all my RAM.
> This is on FC2 Test 3 + all latest up2dates as of today, on a stock Dell
> P4 desktop system.
> I've uploaded a sample TIF image to
>   http://www.trigby.com/sfstreets.tif
> if anyone wants to try and reproduce on their own systems.  Keep a
> cmdwindow open so you can killall nautilus!

Same with me using your provided image.
Althoughh there is nothing wrong when entering a folder of AutoCAD generated 
TIF files that I received from a friend.
Therefore it seems to be related to your TIF image files. Unfortunately I 
don't know anything about the TIF format.
Maybe someone else can help.

BTW: This is FC1 running 2.6.5-1.327custom kernel.


> Thanks...
> -Billy

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