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Re: Fedora and 4GB of Memory.

> What does "top" show?
> --- reg dwf com wrote:
> > I have a machine here that has 4GB of memory.
> > 
> > I put Fedora2 Test1 on it, and found that 'free' only shows
> > 2.8GB of memory.
> > 
> > I also found that while the 2.4.x kernel told you how much
> > memory it was seeing as it booted, that the 2.6.x kernel
> > doesn't, so I don't have a cross check on 'free'.
> > 
> > I rebuilt the 2.6.x kernel, turning the 16GB flag to 4GB,
> > but got essentially the same result (2.8GB) from 'free'.
> > 
> > So, whats up?  
> > Is Fedora REALLY only seeing (and using) 2.8GB?
> > Is this some sort of weird round off error because of 32 bits?
> > Is there some OTHER program out there that also reports the amount
> > of CPU memory, and that might calm my fears that Fedora isnt/cant
> > see all of my memory?
> > 
> > What to do?
> > 
> > 
I cant try 'top' on the target machine till tomorrow, but it
sure acts strange on my machine here at home when I test it
right now.

While running interactively, all the interesting fields at the top
(like Mem) are BLANK. 
Stopping it, still blank.
BUT, if I use the mouse to copy the top of the 'top' display
somewhere else, (like this message),
then the fields are filled in with what appear to be
correct values.
Ive NEVER seen anything like that before.

But will try it on the target machine tomorrow.

Any other thoughts?

                                        reg dwf com

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