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Re: imap server - Dovecot or WU-imap

Götz Reinicke wrote:

Anyway, is dovecot a better choice [than WU-IMAP]?

Götz Reinicke schrieb:

I've been using dovecot for a long time now. Granted I have a relatively small system, but dovecot is by far the easiest IMAP server I have ever installed or used. I used to have connection issues with WU-IMAP all of the time and finally told myself "there must be something better." I took what turned out to be a relatively small effort to move to dovecot and no longer even think about the IMAP server .. it just works.

I do use the MAILDIR format for my messages. I cannot remember if this is a requirement with dovecot or not, but I like MAILDIR format better than MBOX format. While "better" may be relative to your situation, I can only say that I have had a positive experience with dovecot.


Doug Brott
brott redh com

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