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Re: Nautilus + TIF file = memory insanity

> The images size (not file size) is huge:
> mustang:~/downloads> identify sfstreets.tif
> sfstreets.tif TIFF 11248x14484+0+0 PseudoClass 2c 8-bit 209.4kb 1.570u 0:02
> That's like 164 times the area (in square pixels) of my monitor!
> I have no idea how to make those programs more efficient.  Can you
> make do with a scaled down image?  I scaled it down to 20% in the
> gimp and it is very readable at 2250x2897.  I guess it depends on your
> application as to whether this is acceptable.
> With the scaled down image, things open up just fine and use a lot
> less memory.
> -David

Ok I see that the image area is large, but the file is only 200k.  It
would be a nice enhancement if Nautilus could cancel the preview if the
image size is larger than (x).  The current 3Mb file size option doesn't
seem to catch this case.

In the meanwhile I'll have to turn thumbnail previewing off, since I am
not supposed to modify the images.

Thanks to all for your help.

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