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Re: Fedora on italian magazine

On Tue, May 11, 2004 at 03:03:59PM +0000, Massimiliano Zagaglia wrote:
> Fedora is free, so can I publish all 4 CDs into my mag without changing
> anything? With Red Hat, I had to remove RH logo and I couldn't use the
> name Red Hat Linux. With Fedora, instead, I can download ISO images and
> write them to CDs without problem, right? And can I write the name
> Fedora Core 2 into CDs label and cover? 

The full text is on Fedora.redhat.com so read that but basically
- You can use the name to describe the exact FC images from Fedora Project
- You must warrant the media (ie offer replacements for bad disks) if you 
charge for the Fedora project

> Another question: may I use the image of a hat into CDs label? Or it's a
> problem for Red Hat...

The Red Hat man in a hat (shadowman) logo is certainly protected. The 
general case of a red hat I don't know about. 


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