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Re: getnotincomps.py, rebuild question, and where is getfullcomps.py

On Tue, 2004-05-11 at 09:49, King, John (Greg) (LMIT-HOU) wrote:
> I am starting a build environment for FC2 and using an FC2test 3 system to
> test with. One thing I noticed is that getfullcomps.py 
> is not part of the comps-extras. Instead all I get is getnotincomps.py and
> whichcd.py.
> All i found searching archives is a link to a version change.
> Where is getfullcomps.py ?

It was removed because it was no longer needed.  It would create the
dependency list, which is now created on-the-fly.  It did have the nice
side-effect of showing you which dependencies were missing.

> If it is no longer part of the distribution, would someone help me with
> getnotincomps.py? I am having trouble getting the script to work.
> the directory structure that contains all 3 cd's (not the 4th one yet)
> /home/FC2/
> 	fedora-load/
> 		i386/
> 			Fedora/
> 			images/
> 			isolinux/
> 			.....cd contents
> getnotincomps.py has the following usage: /path/to/tree  arch  [basepath]
> I have tried multiple combinations on the above parameters but always get a
> python error complaining about it not finding the hdlist
> What am I doing incorrectly to make this script work?

You should do this:

./getnotincomps.py  /home/FC2/fedora-load  i386

Make sure that you have the base/ files in /home/FC2/fedora-load/Fedora.

However, getnotincomps.py does not do what getfullcomps.py did for me:
check dependencies.  getnotincomps.py just--well, I haven't really
figured out what it does :o(  It looks like it tries to print out
dependencies, but it gets hung on aspell-sv for some reason.


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