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Re: Fedora and 4GB of Memory.

reg dwf com said:
>> reg dwf com said:
>> [snip]
>> > While running interactively, all the interesting fields at the top
>> > (like Mem) are BLANK.
>> > Stopping it, still blank.
>> > BUT, if I use the mouse to copy the top of the 'top' display
>> > somewhere else, (like this message),
>> > then the fields are filled in with what appear to be
>> > correct values.
>> > Ive NEVER seen anything like that before.
>> [snip]
>> Verify that your terminal is set to display bold characters correctly.
>> IIRC the new version of top displays this info in bold.
>> --
> Seems that should be an X11 thing not a terminal thing.
> What could there possibly be in the terminal (or do you mean xterm)
> that has to do with displaying bold characters???

Most (all?) terminal emulators can adjust the colors, even without X11.  I
just brought it up in the case that you had changed the background color
and missed the bold color.

As an example, I use PuTTY as an SSH client, but change the background to
be white.  If you just change the background and foreground colors, you
miss the "bold" because it is white on white.

William Hooper

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