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Re: yum/apt repositories

> here are some of the packages that i use that are not available:
> gossip, inkscape, seahorse, straw, revelation, gdesklets
> beep-media-player, gnome-netstatus, xpad, firefox. kismet,
> quick-lounge-applet, stardict ...

straw is in Fedora Extras Testing
firefox and inkscape are in Fedora Extras Stable
gnome-netstatus and stardict are included in Fedora Core 2

revelation can be found in Dag's repository, but has largely been
superseded by gnome-keyring

kismet requires non-standard wireless modules; you're not likely to find
it in any "Official" Fedora repository.  Dag has it packaged with the
required kernel modules, however.

quick-lounge-applet is in Dag Wieers' repository.

xpad, while not in any repository I could find, has RPMS and SRPMS on
SourceForage (as does inkscape).

That only leaves beep-media-player, which I couldn't find (in the 5
minutes I was looking).
Shahms King <shahms shahms com>

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