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FC2-test3 video driver question

I installed FC2-test3 last night -- the complete package.

Motherboard: Supermicro P4STA

CPU: 1.7GHz

Memory: 768 MB

Hard drive: WD 80GB

CD: HP9900i

Monitor: Sony CPD200SF

Video card: ATI 8500 /64MB

I had a lot of difficulty with disc2. I downloaded copies from 3
different sites and burned each copy to a CD. Md5sums all checked
out and the Fedora media check also passed each CD. However, the
installation failed on disc2 every time complaining about a
missing file. I got around this problem by switching disc2 CDs
until one finally worked.

I installed all the available patches via up2date.

Everything appears to be working with one exception. My video
card was miss-identified as an ATI8500LE and allows me a maximum
screen resolution of 800x600. I've tried to change it, but it
goes back to 8500LE. I've downloaded the latest drivers from ATI,
but they appeared to be designed only for XFree86 and it doesn't
look like FC2 is using XFree86. I am not sure how, or if, I
should install the ATI RPM.

I would like to get my graphics card installed correctly. Can
anyone explain what is going wrong?

Thank you.


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