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Re: Upgrading FC1 to FC2 - which imapserver will be there after update

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From: "Götz Reinicke" <goetz reinicke filmakademie de>
To: <fedora-test-list redhat com>
Sent: Wednesday, May 12, 2004 3:29 AM
Subject: Upgrading FC1 to FC2 - which imapserver will be there after update

> Hi,
> thanks for all replies to my posting about dovecot and wuimap!
> At the moment our imapserver (400 Users +-, 20 GB Mails) is a plain fc1
> installation with the default configuration for imap.
That's strange.  My default install for FC1 gave me dovecot, which was
included in FC1.

> So if I do an update from fc1 to fc2 - will the installprocess update my
> wuimapd to cyrus or dovecot or will it be untuched?
Probably won't touch it.

> If you (the Release notes) say, imap is replaced by cyrusimapd, there
> should be an upgrade/migration plan - or better it would be greate if
> there is one :-))
It's too bad it didn't install dovecot when you installed FC1.  A FC2
upgrade would be perfect.

> Thanks for any tips and hints!
Well, you could stay UW-imap and just get updates for it from Fedora Legacy
or whoever will maintain updates for FC1 after FC2 is released.  If your
current server is working fine and you don't see a need to change anything,
then just leave it running.
Your other option is to move to dovecot or cyrus, like you've been
investigating.  And with the number users and quantity of mail you have I
recommend cyrus.  It's more robust for that much usage and it's not likely
to go away anytime soon.
Whichever you decide to go with though, you'll end up needing to become
somewhat of an imap expert, so check out there websites and definitely get
on their mailing lists.

> Regrads
> Götz
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