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Problem with SMP kernel and i7505 board?

Forgive me if this is not the correct forum for this - I've been in lurk mode for a bit and this is my first posting.

I have a Tyan Thunder 7505 (Intel 7505 chipset) with 2 GB and dual Xeon processors.  This system has been running FC1 happily for some time with either kernel 2.4 or a home-compiled 2.6.  I recently decided to update it to FC2T3.  I am encountering problems in that it will not run the mouse or keyboard in smp mode with any of the available kernel RPMs (from the test release, and up to and including 358 which I tested yesterday). It locks up the keyboard hard, requiring reset to be pressed, and never even gets to turn on the LED in the (optical) mouse.   It runs fine with the uniprocessor kernel.  Googling produced the possibility that this board did not like the 64GB kernel option, but I have tested this (edited the RPM config and reduced it to 4GB) and I get the same results.

I have also tried installing FC2T3 on a new disk, in case it was an upgrade problem - same results.

Anybody got any ideas on what to do next?

All the best

- David

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