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Re: make vsftp more usable

Jason L Tibbitts III <tibbs math uh edu> writes:

>>>>>> "HP" == Harry Putnam <reader newsguy com> writes:
> HP> I've set every permissive variable I could find as permissive as
> HP> possible.  But still on an anonymous login I can't upload anything
> HP> and I cannot make directories.  In other words its really useless.
> Odd; I had no trouble at all.  Just to see, I took a fresh FC1 install
> and did the following:
> yum install vsftpd
> vi /etc/vsftpd/vsftpd.conf
>   enable anon_upload_enable and anon_mkdir_write_enable
> mkdir /var/ftp/pub/incoming
> chown ftp.ftp !$
> service vsftpd start
> Takes about 30 seconds.  To check it out, from another machine:


Well I didn't really ask if it was possible.  I showed my setup and
asked if anyone could see what was wrong with it.

But anyway:

I spent a little longer than 30 seconds and followed your recipe to
the letter aside from using yum.

And bingo.... it works just like yours did.

So now I can back up and start adding the same configs I had
originally until it breaks and I'll know what was causing my trouble.

Thanks again

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