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Re: FC2T3 rhn-applet question mark

On Thu, 13 May 2004 11:54:27 -0400, Will Backman <whb ceimaine org> wrote:
> What ever happened to the question mark on the rhn-applet?
> I never seem to get that, even when it is unable to connect.
> I just get the nice blue check mark, which could give me a false sense
> of security.
> Is it just me?

cripple an fc1 sources file with an incorrect repo and you get the
same thing. So its not just you.

On top of that I think there is an underlying design problem, now that
up2date can use multiple yum repos. How do you inform the user in
situations where some but not all of the repos are broken in the
sources file in such a way that users still know about the update from
the correctly listed repos? The grey question mark, even if it did
work, is sort of out of place unless all repos listed in sources are
broken.  From a design standpoint a new icon for the mixed case needs
to be added maybe a grey exclamation mark to indicate there are
updates on atleast one working repo listed AND atleast one repo listed
seems to be unresponsive.


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