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Re: FC2T3 rhn-applet question mark

On Thu, 13 May 2004, Jeff Spaleta wrote:

> On top of that I think there is an underlying design problem, now that
> up2date can use multiple yum repos. How do you inform the user in
> situations where some but not all of the repos are broken in the
> sources file in such a way that users still know about the update from
> the correctly listed repos? The grey question mark, even if it did
> work, is sort of out of place unless all repos listed in sources are
> broken.  From a design standpoint a new icon for the mixed case needs
> to be added maybe a grey exclamation mark to indicate there are
> updates on atleast one working repo listed AND atleast one repo listed
> seems to be unresponsive.

why? If any of your yum repositories are broken, you're screwed -- yum won't
update unless all listed repositories are available.... If / when that ever 
changes, it might be worth the complexity, but for now all the user cares 
about is that "it aint going to work for me" (gray question market).


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