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Problems with rndc and named, bind-9.2.3-13

Hello all,

I am having the traditional rndc problem. I have googled it and spent some time messing with rndc.conf, rndc.key and named.conf. I have used the rndc-keygen etc etc.

Here's the message I get :
rndc -V reload
create memory context
create socket manager
create task manager
create task
create logging context
setting log tag
creating log channel
enabling log channel
create parser
get key for server
get config key list
decode base64 secret
post event
using server (
create socket
rndc: connect failed: connection refused

I have also tried to use yum to remove and install bind back again to see if I could have a damaged bind version.

I wonder if anyone could give me directions on how to make this work. It is driving me crazy.

I am using Fedora 1.92 to try to make it work.

My bind version is bind-9.2.3-13

Can anyone help me with this problem?

What shall I do?



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