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Re: Sound on Intel i845 in test3

James Jensen wrote:

I'm currently running FC2 test3 (which I upgraded to from FC1) on a computer that uses Intel i845 integrated sound chipset.

My problem is that while my chipset is properly detected by the soundcard detection tool, I cannot get audio to work on my computer. This problem did not occur with FC1, and there is no problem with sound on Windows (I have the machine set up for a duel-boot).

Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?

I did a fresh install, not an upgrade. After saying yes to the sound card working even though I did not hear anything, I cranked all the volume controls all the way up, enabled the sound server and system sounds in gnome, then rebooted. I did have system sounds then.

Unfortunately I put that drive into another machine to see how a fresh install would work on it, so I don't have a module list for that machine. The machine I put the drive into has the Intel 845 chip set but it has a SoundMax ADI198x codec chip, so I'm not sure if it has the same modules. I had to mess around to get the volumes turned up and the sound server working, but I was getting the "jingle" when I shut down. I didn't have any music to play on that machine so I never tried to listen to any music.

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