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Re: Anyone compiled a Netspeed Gnome Applet RPM for FC2T3?

I thought SELinux was disabled by default?


On 14 May 2004, Tarjei Knapstad wrote:

> On Fri, 2004-05-14 at 16:50, Tony Perrie wrote:
> > I only see FC1 binaries there.  Thanks.  I suppose I could compile it
> > myself, but I just wanted to avoid install a cadre of -devel packages.  
> > Also, what's up with all the SELinux messages when I use rpm and rpmbuild 
> > on FC2?  Is there anyway to disable all of that cruft?
> > 
> Yes, FC2 packages won't be available until FC2 is released. Grab the
> SRPM and do a rebuild (rpmbuild --rebuild somepackage.src.rpm)
> If you don't have a development environment set up, you'll just have to
> be patient (or install all the stuff that's needed).
> Don't know about SElinux, guess the easiest way is just to disable SE
> while you get the package built and then re-enable it. (You can allways
> take down the network if you're really paranoid :) )
> --
> Tarjei


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