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RE: FC2 T3 release date of 5-18??

USB 2.0 has nothing to do with it. Since every install on any system I've
used P4P800SE or not had no issues with USB 2. However to placate the
masses, I turned off USB 2.0, found an archaic relic of the past, a 5 pin
din connector keyboard (M'Soft) and that STILL didn't change the fail of 
FC2 T3 on this mobo.



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raxet wrote:

>It's very well documented in the bug. But for those who can't read my post:
>It hangs just after initrd.gz expands, or rather it simply reboots the
>system. I have installed each iteration of FC1 and FC2 other than the
>infamous FC2 T3 and they all install or upgrade without a hitch. I have
>Tested and retested the ISO's via mediacheck and MD5SUM and there is 
>Absolutely nothing wrong with the cd's.
>Either way when I brought this problem up earlier in a post to
>fedora-test-list, Alan said to turn off acpi and such. Well I've tried that
>to and it
>Still won't install.
>Also when attempting to access the bug I did post the server refuses my
>access to 123067.

I had FC2-Test3 stall or hang, when I had a USB 2.0 drive attached. I
unplugged the drive and the install went as planned. 

Did the original poster have a USB drive attached?

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