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RE: FC2 T3 release date of 5-18??

On Fri, 14 May 2004, raxet wrote:

> It's very well documented in the bug. But for those who can't read my post:
> It hangs just after initrd.gz expands, or rather it simply reboots the
> system. I have installed each iteration of FC1 and FC2 other than the
> infamous FC2 T3 and they all install or upgrade without a hitch. I have
> Tested and retested the ISO's via mediacheck and MD5SUM and there is
> Absolutely nothing wrong with the cd's.

If you have a file system and grub on your system, you can test it without
using the CD. Just copy the vmlinuz and initrd.img to a suitable location
eg. in the root directory of sda1 or hda1, then at the grub command prompt
root (hd0,0)
kernel /vmlinuz
initrd /initrd.img

If you have the isos on the hard disk as well you can to a full upgrade by
this method.

> Also when attempting to access the bug I did post the server refuses my
> access to 123067.

Bugzilla was foobared until very recently.

	Michael Young

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