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Re: Fedora Core 2 feedback (user perspective)

On 14/05/04 10:10 Robert La Ferla Squawked:

> Although, I am a developer, as a user, I would really like to see 
> Mozilla come better configured with the Java, and Flash plug-ins 
> pre-installed.  RealPlayer would be a plus.  Or at least somehow make 
> installation/configuration easier for users.  I'm not sure how much 
> control Fedora developers have over this but it would make Fedora much 
> more user friendly.  I also think that putting at least one DVD player 
> (like Xine) in the distro would be a good thing.  A user should be able 
> to install Fedora, and pop-in a DVD to watch it.  If you want to select 
> a different DVD player that can be an option.  Sound configuration is a 
> currently nightmare.  I'm not sure exactly why but I think it maybe an 
> OSS vs. ALSA issue.  For example, I have a Shuttle with a SPDIF digital 
> output.  I should be able to watch a DVD with Dolby Digital or DTS audio 
> without having to spend a week tweaking configuration files. 

I'm not so concerned with flash and java, both
are just rubbish as far as I'm concerned, but the
simple fact that I can't even watch a simple avi
or mpeg file that I legally own or I legally
created myself without having to hunt down a
dozen obscure files that sometimes don't get
along with some Redhat files, is a pain in the
arse!  I could not recommend Fedora to anyone
because of this - sad but true :(
It would seem that Redhat/Fedora are not really
concerned about such matters.

Video is big on the desktop these days guys, get
out of your cubby holes and see what people are
using their computers for, before you become the
complete laughing stock of the 21st century!


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