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RE: Working Firewire in FC2?

On Fri, 2004-05-14 at 17:05, raxet wrote:
> It's more a less a matter of kernel version. In the case of FC2 release,
> firewire will not be a hot item (sorry for the pun). You see somewhere back
> in kernel 2.6.4 or 2.6.3 something broke and therefore while you
> Can make custom kernels and make Firewire work, RH (in their infinite
> Wisdom) has decided to frost Firewire in release of FC2.
> It's really a simple move. However I feel it was a WRONG move. :)

So maybe you'd prefer it if we'd shipped FC2 with it enabled so you
could whine along the lines of..

"I can't even install FC2, it boots up, finds the firewire controller
and kernel panics, because RH (in their infinite wisdom) left it enabled
whilst it was broken."

There's no conspiracy here, firewire users are a minority , and until
the code is fixed so that it doesn't break for users that don't even
have any firewire devices, it won't get enabled.

Too late for FC2, but today it seems someone has actually found the
reason for this problem, and a fix got committed to CVS earlier this
afternoon.  This may mean that in an update kernel, we can reenable


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