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RE: Working Firewire in FC2?

On Fri, 2004-05-14 at 16:42, Bruce P. Morin wrote:
> Raxet,
> That's too bad. SuSE gets this right

The current SuSE kernel has just under 1,000 patches (no exaggeration).
This is a path we're absolutely not taking with Fedora. What happens
when you want to run mainline 2.6.6 on a SuSE 9.1
installation? Answer: It'll explode the same way that it does in Fedora.

Red Hat has taken a beating in the past for heavily patched kernels
"I installed mainline, and everything broke, Red Hat are trying to
lock us into using their kernel, blah blah".

One of the goals of Fedora is to stick with mainline as closely as
possible. This means getting Firewire fixed *there* instead of carrying
around patches in a vendor tree.

> , out of the box plus their kernel is
> built with multi lun option turned on so most usb multi-card readers work
> without having to recompile the kernel.

How nice for them. Too bad this breaks when confronted with some
SCSI devices.  Also, you can fix this without recompiling the kernel..

(19:33:50:davej delerium:davej)$ modinfo scsi_mod | grep luns
parm:           max_luns:last scsi LUN (should be between 1 and 2^32-1)
parm:           max_report_luns:REPORT LUNS maximum number of LUNS
received (should be between 1 and 16384)

If you find a device that does need max_luns fiddled with to work,
let us know, and we'll get that back to the upstream maintainers.
Then when you either a) use an upstream kernel or b) an updated
rebased fedora kernel, it'll work in both cases.

> RedHat has really never taken Firewire seriously as it has always been a
> struggle to get it working, and that's a shame as it is great technology.

Sadly the code isn't as great.


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