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Re: final release

Ben Brown wrote:

This reminds me of something I got to thinking about last night while
messing with my install of FC2test3... and I'm sure I'm wrong, but maybe
someone smarter can explain...

If we've been running the test releases, and updating our systems via
up2date or yum, then don't we pretty much HAVE the official FC2?

Like I said, someone smarter then me explain what gets changed in the
actual release vs. my method. Please. :)

On Fri, 2004-05-14 at 10:08, Michael Cullen wrote:

why is it that the files are on the server, but we cant access them untill the 18th? why cant we download them now? they are clearly available!!

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Red Hat does this intentionally so that the installer gets tested. Think about it,,,if everyone could just run up2date or yum and have everything at the latest versions why would would we waste bandwidth to download iso's and run the installer. ;)
Richard Hally

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