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RE: Working Firewire in FC2?

It isn't that I love SuSE, I am just using them as a comparison. Is Fedora
Core above being compared on functionality? Are you a developer who is above
constructive feedback? Heck I could of used Mandrake or any other distro who
understands that if Linux is going to make it to the masses, we NEED to make
the experience as user friendly as possible for the vast majority of users.
Not just the chosen few who can recompile a kernel.

I take it you don't use Firewire in your business, so this topic isn't all
that important to you, but for the rest of us we can all take a flying leap

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From: Jack Bowling [mailto:jbinpg shaw ca] 
Sent: Saturday, May 15, 2004 1:43 AM
To: bpmorin safepointetech com; For testers of Fedora Core development
Subject: Re: Working Firewire in FC2?

On Fri, May 14, 2004 at 11:15:33PM -0400, Bruce P. Morin wrote:
> Not to beat a dead horse, the question was, "where can you download a FREE
> version of RedHat?" Note the word REDHAT.
> The links you provided are derivative works of the RedHat Distribution.
> could have thrown Mandrake in there too for that matter. But just because
> they derive from RedHat doesn't mean they are RedHat. 
> To answer the question, YOU CANT! The only way to get a copy of RedHat
> anything today is you have to pay for it! So people shouldn't slam SuSE
> their ISO policy. At least they offer a comprehensive supportable product
> a very decent price.

I'm tired of this. If you love SUSE so much, go give them your dollars.
Just stop this nonsense on this list.

Jack Bowling
mailto: jbinpg shaw ca

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