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RE: Working Firewire in FC2?

Le sam 15/05/2004 Ã 14:16, Bruce P. Morin a Ãcrit :
> It isn't that I love SuSE, I am just using them as a comparison. Is Fedora
> Core above being compared on functionality? Are you a developer who is above
> constructive feedback? Heck I could of used Mandrake or any other distro who
> understands that if Linux is going to make it to the masses,

        Users : Early adopters, enthusiasts, developers

RedHat doesn't make money with Fedora.
You can't say :
- "Guys spend some times to improve this for 0 $ because I am a
Fedora is a project with its bad and good sides.

Read http://fedora.redhat.com/about/
If Fedora doesn't fit your needs, then use another distribution.

Your feedbacks are welcome, but you should understand what Fedora is.

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