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Re: Red Hat Introduces Desktop Linux Competitor

jim tate wrote:

Why is it, that Redhat so dislikes KDE? the number one
choice of linux users.

I read this article, and I assumed that they will still offer KDE
as a optional install in Fedora2.
Every time Redhat makes a move, it's counter to the majority of
the linux community. I am for them making money and staying
in business, but WOW the way they go about it.

Jim Tate

Just because they chose GNOME over KDE does not mean that they hate KDE.

When it comes to IT support within an organization, choice can be a bad thing. Choice can increase the cost and confuse the average user. To the average user, the desktop is the OS. Therefore, the difference between KDE and GNOME is the same as the difference between Windows and MacOS. Therefore, from a practical standpoint, they needed to pick one desktop.

You can argue no about why they chose GNOME over KDE. However, they made that choice several releases ago, so I doubt that they will change their direction now.

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