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FC2test3 - monitor goes off when X starts

Tried installing FC2 test 3 from scratch on a desktop; P4, GeForce 3 Ti 200 (nVidia) card with an LCD panel 1280x1024 attached to the analogue svga output.

The graphical install just comes up blank - i.e. as soon as X starts, the monitor switches itself off.

Ran through the text install, fine until reboot into installed system when the same thing happens.

I can't reliably get to the consoles (or at least, if it does switch, the monitor doesn't switch on). When I have been able to get to a text console, it seems that X found nothing wrong; when anaconda started X, the X log didn't mention any significant failures, indicating that X thinks the graphics card was configured ok.
(maybe I'm trying the wrong thing to get to the consoles - CTRL-ALT-Fn)

I've tried nofb, noddc, and setting the resolution directly. It could be a refresh rate problem, but the monitor says "no signal" rather than the "xkHz yHz out of range" message it gives if I set Windows to an out-of-range frequency mode.

Any suggestions? Can I force the horizontal/vertical frequency settings on the kernel command line? Can I force the install to halt at a command prompt before starting the graphical install - or indeed get the installed system to boot to a shell promot instead of the graphical login? It's difficult to work this sort of thing out without being able to get into the system to start with :)

TIA Kev.

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