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Re: Fedora 2 Final - yum/up2date vs. ISO's

Rory Gleeson wrote:

Any thoughts on the value of actually downloading the ISO's and
installing or updating with them vs. just letting up2date and yum take
you over to Fedora Core 2 final?

I'm wondering if there are advantages of wiping my drive and loading the
ISO's but yum seems to be handling and setting up for the transition
nicely, so far.

Test releases do things that are a little wick wicky with respect to final choices of libs and what not in the official release.

I also call this "caty-wumpus" development methodology. It is quite well know. :-)

If you upgrade from Test3 FC2 and it doesn't work you then have a "caty-wumpus" installation.

Usage: "I upgraded my FC test3 to the final release and now it is caty-wumpus. What do I do now?"


RPM's are only as good as the person who writes the scripts for the SPEC files.

I think people have some rather unreasonable expectationss about RPM's in general and conclude rpm -Uvh is all you need to know and nothing can go wrong with RPM's.

That is NOT how it actually works in practice, though it is what we strive for as a goal.

In a test release the RPM's may not be designed to upgrade packages properly, just to copy them to the hard drive and get a test environment working.

Final release RPM's are suppose to be fully upgradeable. Any update RPM's released after that the SPEC scripts should be as bullet proof as possible for that official release. (i.e. rpm -Uvh or rpm -Fvh and awaaaaaaaaaaaay you go!)

OBVIOUSLY that suggests since developers are working on the software itself during the test cycle, 80% of it is configuration issues FYI, they do not consider what would happen if that SPEC has to upgrade another SPEC. After all, they are building the distro and nothing in stone is set yet.

So, no do NOT upgrade from the test release to the final release. It probably will MOSTLY work...

I went from test2 to test3 upgrade and my hotplug stopped working....

Still haven't figured that out yet....working on it though!!!


PS: "My hotplug feature is caty-wumpus now that I upgraded to test3 from test2".

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